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Broadband unblocking users

3: Seeker

Good morning.

I have blocked users that i now need to unblock. I did block them on my iPhone but cannot see a button or a way to unblock them. I have tried to do it online but again I'm not sure how. I run a hostel with many boosters and many sets of passwords therefore i hope i do not have to a reset as it will take many hours and this is a regular problem we have.





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Hi @waynelagosos1, are you one of our Pro Broadband packages? Can you try the following from a desktop or laptop and let us know how you get on - 

- Type into the address bar and press enter. This will bring up the Vodafone Broadband Portal.
- You may be prompted to select a new password, if not, please use the password vodafone (all in lowercase)
- Select Expert mode at the top.
- Select WiFi from the red banner.
- Select MAC Filter.

This should bring up a list of the devices that are currently blocked and give you the option to unblock them. 

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