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Family Setup with Apple Watch Nightmare

4: Newbie

My Son had an Apple Watch series 3 and an iPhone on Vodafone for about 2 years.  Recently I have ordered a new Apple Watch Se for him.  Instead of setting it up using his phone I have set it up using my phone via the Family Setup feature for Watch OS 7. 
When I initially did this 3 weeks ago I was told by Tech Support chat that I had to perform a Sim Swap via my account settings.  I did this and waited 2 days and nothing happened (This process has been repeated about 6 times over past 3 weeks).  Since then I have had 16 separate conversations with vodafone Tech Support which many of the chat sessions lasting over 3 hours!   On Friday they broke me.   After a 4+ hour chat session I was told the OneNumber which my Son has been using with this phone and watch was no longer connected to his phone number but actually connected to mine.  I suspect one of the people who the issue has been escalated to on the OneNumber team (3 times its been escalated) has done something wrong and moved the OneNumber from his phone to mine.  Now at this point Tech Support chat told me this was not possible and I was trying to move the OneNumber to a number (my sons) which is did not belong. 
 It was recommend to me that I cancel the One Number on my phone (which never ever had) and take a new contract out for my Sons number (which he has always had).  You know what I gave in.  Knowing this was lunacy I followed their suggestion.  I got transferred to 4 separate teams to eventually 4 1/2 hours later cancel the One Number Ive been trying to get working for 3 weeks. 
Today I called sales team and got a new OneNumber setup for my Son's mobile number. 
 "It will be ready in 1-2 hours, guaranteed!"
About 5 hours later I'm still waiting for it to activate.  😩
I really don't know what to do any more.  I'm still in contract till middle of next year or I would have ditched all 3 contracts and moved to EE.
Anyone have any suggestions? 

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4: Newbie

I can feel your pain in the same situation myself at the mo a d had huge problems last year but all came well after months of frustration  and tbh o was very well compensated , don’t sit back in anger email nick jeffries ceo of vodafone and let his director complaint team handle your case that’s where I go next again if my issue ain’t sorted , I was stupid and just renewed my contract for two years , however I don’t think for one min ee or anybody else is better or worse 

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3: Seeker

Raise a complaint it work that’s what I did, and got one month bill credited to me 

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