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Voicemail - how do I prevent messages being left?

1: Seeker

I want to use a prerecorded message as my greeting when my phone is turned off, and also prevent people leaving a voicemail.   I'm sure this must be possible, but I'm struggling to find the right combination of settings 🙄 

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Hey @capguy I hope you're doing well 😊

You can either set up a custom voicemail recording but people can still leave messages, or you can completely switch voicemail off. There isn't an option to set up voicemail and stop people leaving messages as the core function of the voicemail service is to allow people to leave you a message if you can't answer their call. 

If you don't want anyone to leave you a voicemail then switching the service off would be the best idea. Alternatively, you can state in your recording to not leave you a message 🙂 

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