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Water damaged iPhoneX

2: Seeker



I recently dropped my 2 WEEK OLD iphoneX in the loo, as soon as it fell I grabbed it and turned it off. I put the phone in rice for 24 hours and after that took the phone out. I tried to turn it on but there was nothing, I plugged the phone in for around 10 minutes and still nothing. My mum then said we should put it in the airing cupboard so thats what I have done.


Will this work and if not is there anything else I can do?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @jackyjoy123  no harm in trying, once it’s dried out try switching on and try charging it up. If it’s still not working there will be nothing you can do other than see if it can repaired. Water damage doesn’t come under warranty so any repair would be chargeable. 

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17: Community Champion

Unfortunately in some cases when water has managed to get inside a phone it can short out the motherboard and those that power up after fully drying out can have issues down the road from the internals furring up inside.

That said some phone's go into working fine @jackyjoy123 

Apple and Vodafone would charge for any repair or perhaps look at any Household Insurance Contents Insurance or some Bank Accounts provide mobile cover as a perk of the account.

Or you could trade it in as a non working model to help pay for a new phone although you wouldn't get a lot for it.

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Samsung One Ui 3.1  / Android 11.

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