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Woefully poor signal in built-up area

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Long-term Vodafone customer, using iPhone 7+ on SIM-only contract (paying £40 through the nose for it on rolling contract)

Have noticed terrible signal at home for the last year or so now, signal routinely flicks between NO SIGNAL and one bar. Almost impossible to make or take calls at home without going outside. I live in Nottingham, outside the city centre in a built-up area, I'm not living out in the middle of nowhere. Even when I'm out and about around town I'm getting hit-n-miss signal.

Is this to due to generally poor signal, the age of the iPhone or something else? The phone is still in very good condition, has the latest available update for iPhone 7+, I've tried everything from hard resets, fiddling with settings, got a brand new battery last year and still nothing seems to work.

At my wits end now, having messages from people saying they tried to call me but couldn't get through. Anyone have any ideas what the issue might be here? I was denied an upgrade to a newer phone last year despite having always made every payment in full and one time for the best part of 15 years or so. Feel stuck. Any help appreciated.




Hi @alwaystouchout. It's disappointing to see your post. We understand the importance of keeping connected. Although we'd be unable to pinpoint a potential issue when you're out and about (due to you hopping from mast to mast), we would recommend checking out our Network Status Checker online. This tool will advise you on how our network’s performing where you are, including up-to-date information on anything going on that might be affecting your signal and services. 

Thanks for the response. I've checked a few times and it indicates the service is supposed to be good indoors and out.

Thank you for checking @alwaystouchout. If our Network Status Checker predicts good coverage both indoors and outdoors, with no reported issues or maintenance that would be contributing to you losing signal or only getting 1 bar, we would recommend a manual roam. A manual roam can help with intermittent network problems such as no signal, or poor signal - it'll also refresh your connection on the network. Once you've done this, check your connection using and post your results in the form of a screenshot. 

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It sounds frustrating to experience such poor signal despite being a loyal Vodafone customer. The issue could be multifaceted. It might be due to network coverage problems in your area, phone hardware issues, or even interference from surrounding buildings.

Since you've tried troubleshooting steps like resets and battery replacements with no improvement, it's worth investigating further. You could reach out to Vodafone customer service to inquire about network coverage in your area. They might provide insights or suggest solutions like a signal booster.

Regarding the phone's age, while newer models might have better reception capabilities, an iPhone 7+ should still provide adequate signal in most areas. However, if you suspect the phone itself is faulty, you could try testing a different device to see if the issue persists.

As for your upgrade request being denied, it's disappointing after being a loyal customer. You could try escalating the issue with Vodafone's customer retention team or exploring other network providers if signal quality remains a problem.

In the meantime, consider using Wi-Fi calling or apps like WhatsApp or Skype for calls at home to mitigate the issue. Hang in there, and I hope you find a resolution soon. Also, check out baweja Media