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iPhone 14 promax Back order

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I ordered my iPhone phone 14 Pro Max in purple 256gb a couple of weeks ago now on November 6th and the order is marked as "confirmed - back order". 

I upgraded to replace my current phone as it is faulty so need my replacement asap. Does anybody have any experience with how long back orders are taking to come through at the moment?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

There are many delays for iphones and there has been a lot in the news recently @JJCP 


According to the website i phone 14 pro max the delay is 5-6 weeks, if you only ordered 2 weeks ago, it depends on how many back orders have to be completed before your order comes to the top.


Vodafone will always keep you updated throughout the order process with email updates and your will certainly receive an updated mail when the phone is going to be dispatched, until then you are entirely at the mercy of Apple for when stock is delivered.


When you enter your WEB number in the order tracker on this link Getting Your Order you won't be able to track delivery but will still be able to see the order in the system.


If you still have questions, live chat or Customer Services are there to help.

Hiya is there any update on when stock is expected? 3-4 weeks was expected wait time for delivery when i ordered but im close to 5 weeks now and still no sign of getting it … I ordered for my daughter’s Christmas but don’t think it will arrive in time now

Hi @murney84 


I ordered mine on November 6th and it arrived at my door on November 30th.


My order status stayed on “confirmed, backordered” until the phone was in the warehouse. It then took them an another week to deliver it due Black Friday.


I did call customer service a few times for some updates, but it was very difficult to get any information until it hit the warehouse. 

I feel your pain… I literally just had to wait until I’ve got the message to say that it was at their warehouse.

I would say if it has been five weeks, you cannot be far off… but with the Christmas demand it’s very difficult to tell.