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About the Community

The Community Champions Programme



We created the Community Champion programme to recognise the fantastic contributions from customers who give their own time to help their fellow users.

If you become a Community Champion you may receive: behind the scenes access to Vodafone (speak directly to Project Managers, tour our Network Centre), the chance to loan the latest phones to try out and review, Beta access to new apps, guest stories on the Vodafone Social Blog and much more.

How do I get started? 
Easy - just get involved! See someone with a question you know the answer to? Let them know. Have a great tip about a device? Share it. Got a new phone and want to talk about it? Write a review.

Every time another member likes one of your posts, they can click the button to say 'Thanks'. Every time your post answers a thread's question, it can be marked as 'the best answer'. With posts, Thanks and Best answers you’ll quickly earn new ranks and permissions. Keep getting involved and we may be in touch to offer you this great role.

The Community is a place to share, learn and connect. So get involved and we look forward to welcoming you into the mix.

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Here are the four cornerstones of being a Community Champion:

  • Be helpful - people will look to you for help and guidance, but also won’t be expecting it. Jump in when you can.
  • Be enthusiastic - you’re here because you’re either an expert or just love the products and helping others. Show your passion and be proud of it.
  • Be friendly
  • Be proactive
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Our current Community Champions are :

About me: I have been a member of the forum since it started and will help where I can.

Current device: Currently using a Samsung A90 5G.

Likes: My family mostly, including my two gentle good natured cats, seeing the sun shine, working with fellow CC's and knowing I have helped a Vodafone customer.

Dislikes: Hearing sad news, especially when animals have been hurt, any arguments.

About me: I'm a retired business owner with an interest in technology that proved very useful when I was working. I still like to keep abreast of developments, but I'm not an early adopter - I'll jump into a technology when I think it's matured enough to be stable and mainstream 📱

Current device: My current device is a Moto G8 Plus.

About me: Retired former emergency worker within the fire and rescue sector. Now spend my time with my granddaughter, playing golf, riding my motorcycle and helping on forums when I can. 
Current device: iPhone 11

Likes: travelling, music and technology 

Dislikes: I don't like coconut! 🥥


There are three different Community Champion (CC) logos you’ll see around the community.

Community Champion Inductee

This icon recognises community members that are on their way to being fully fledged Community Champion. These members are in a trial period where they get a taste of what’s available to them as a full CC and at the end of the period could be granted full CC status

Community Champion

Any active CC will have this icon on their profile

Retired Community Champion


Gone but not forgotten - If a CC is no longer active on the forum and no longer wants to take part in the Community Champion programme, we’ll apply this badge to recognise all the hard work they’ve put in helping the community.


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