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Do any newer Vodafone mobiles have the Simple Layout option?

2: Seeker



I have been used to using a Vodafone Smart first 7 and it had the option for a simple layout where one screen would simply consist of contacts that I could click on to call them, I have got used to this feature and it helps as my vision is poor but my Vodafone Smart first 7 is now on deaths door and it looks like it has been discontinued, with people hiking the price up of any dead stock that they have.


I would like to know if any of the newer Vodafone devices have this option? 


Thanks for the help

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17: Community Champion

Hi @joeyw92 


Just in case there was something for poor vision in accessibility I have had a look but can't find anything 


I am sure your solution here will be to download an application from the Play Store.  I have found this one :  Simple Contacts - Manage & access contacts easily  and it looks promising and very much like you were asking and would enable you to have have your contacts on one screen. It would also be worth doing a further search of the Play Store, there is an application for everything.


Good luck.


edited to add: @joeyw92  I forgot to mention the accessibility I searched was through the accessibility settings on my Android phone.  

I wouldn't be surprised if the simple layout for contacts on your Smart First 7 was through an application, if that is correct the application will be stored in My Applications on the Play Store and transfer over to the new phone.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @joeyw92 


Lot's of phones nowadays have accessibility options baked into their settings.


What i would suggest is to pop into a Vodafone Highstreet Store and use the working demo models to see if one fulfils your needs.


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