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Oppo a72

2: Seeker

Good afternoon. My phone shuts down for no reason and does not allow updates. How do I fix it or change my device? The phone's only two weeks with me

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17: Community Champion



When the phone shuts down does it then re boot up by itself just after ?

If so then a setting in the phone maybe doing this as some phone's have this facility in order to keep the phone in good working order.

If the phone shuts down and then you have to turn it back on then its going to be a process of elimination to see if this is hardware or software related.

To help check if it's software related please ensure your software is up to date and update your apps too.

If this has only just started then think about deleting your most recently downloaded app's until it stops. As this could be a rogue app.

If Vodafone supplied the phone directly to you then a person has a 14 day cooling off period to be able to return the phone and then have a new one sent out.


Return An Item Policy  

Please speak with customer services on 191 or Live Chat to get this arranged @Ligaluse 

After 14 days they will need to have the phone back to assess it for repair.

Device-help-warranty-repair and Repairs. 

You can arrange for a Returns Pack or pop it into a Vodafone Highstreet Store.

If the phone was supplied directly by another source then please check their Terms and Conditions for Returns or Repair. 

Also speak with the manufacturer as they may have some troubleshooting guides and or Google Search as you may come across other users with similar issues. 

The following link is for that phone but is from Australia but it may help in some way.

If Your OPPO Phone Restarts or Turns Off By Itself. 

I wish you all the best with this. 

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