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Reno 4 pro 5g update on Vodafone UK

2: Seeker

Went on phone manager to give my phone a little boost. Came up saying software up date. For android 11.. Downloaded it., phone switched off to start Appvalley install and when it did restart, it was still android 10... Any one got any ideas why it never installed. Tweakbox

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17: Community Champion

Hi @haxelfebl 


The download will probably in your downloads.  Try going into About Phone, software update, download and install. You should be able to install from there.


edited to add: @haxelfebl . Android 11 was released for Oppo Quarter 4 and it should be available for your model of phone.  If the OTA update has failed, try updating through your PC here: Oppo Support Update Using Computer 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @haxelfebl 


It could have been a security update or incremental update for Android 10.

Take another look in your software update section of the phone to see if anything is there.

Most phones do show the last update which is usually found in an area of the phone such as settings,  software update,  last update.


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