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SIM for Calls & Texts only

4: Newbie

I am getting my daughter a "Festival" cheapo phone for emergencies only and if it gets lost or stolen it's not a major issue.

Not that fussed which network, but I'd prefer to use Vodafone.  Do Vodafone do a PAYG sim for calls and texts only and no data ?


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7: Helper

Vodafone don’t do a pay as you go tariff that doesn’t have a daily charge or a bundle anymore.


There’s a great website: which has details of  networks and their pay as you go tariffs.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @152bobby 


All plans include data for PAYG and pay monthly. 


Also take a look at Voxi still Vodafone here Voxi 



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4: Newbie


I've been looking on line this evening and for what this is going to be used for etc, I think the Adsa PAYG sim seems best.


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17: Community Champion

You could use a Vodafone Payg sim or Vodafone Voxi sim and turn Off Mobile Data in the phone's settings or even go into the apn settings of the phone and intentionally over key them so data won't work.

People generally want data nowadays so there wouldn't be a consumer need on the large to provide a text and call only tariff.

What I would also suggest is to first look which Network gives the best signal where she lives,  commutes and works or schools but first looking at the available Network mast checkers that give an indication on what to receive.

Each network will have its weak areas on the map with not spots too which is where there is zero signal.

And ensure the phone is unlocked to all networks so that it accepts the network sim of choice.

I wish you all the best with this @152bobby 


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17: Community Champion

If you use PAYG, you'll only ever lose the device itself and whatever credit is on it - it probably won't even be worth blocking it if it did get lost.

The other advantage of a "dumb" phone without data capability and no fancy screen is that the battery life will probably be pretty good - very handy for festivals etc.

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