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2: Seeker

i have had my samsung galaxy s10 not even 6 months i have had a screen protector and phone case on my phone from i got it and have never dropped my phone or anything the phone screen went black last week and wouldnt go back on so i reported this and vodafone agreed to fix it as im still under warranty they have now sent me an email stating the phone is not under warranty and i would be charged so i called the number and the girl has now said the phone is under warranty but they wont fix it unless i pay £280 as the phone is damaged has dents in the screen which is lies my phone was in brand new condition when i sent it away. had anyone else had this problem with the repairs service ? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @amandadundee16 


I appreciate you've already let Vodafone have the phone but for others reading your post I would always suggest to let a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre take the phone as they know their hardware and software better than Network repair houses. ( I appreciate they maybe closed currently due to the Pandemic Lockdown ) 

Did you try any troubleshooting yourself before handing it to Vodafone  ? i.e hard resets via certain Button presses etc. 

Also when letting any outside body have the phone it's best practice to take time and date stamped pictures of the phone with some of it turned On ( if possible ) to show it's aesthetic condition just in case the condition of the phone is called into question.

If the phone is handed into a Vodafone Highstreet Store then ask the employee to officially note the condition of the phone on their computer notes.

Because if not then it's your word against theirs I'm afraid.

Also damage can occur occasionally in-transit.

You could ask for the phone back and then visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre when they open or accept the estimate from Vodafone and pay.

To add Samsung phone's have a 2 year warranty but has limited cover. This means it does not cover issues occurred from what is deemed accidental damage but the owner.

Consumer Rights Act 2015 explains what your rights are too.

I wish you all the best with this. 


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