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Update won't start

2: Seeker

Hi, I have avodaphone VFD 700.  It says there is a new software update available,  6.0-260FCN1.  If I press continue it doesn't seem to start, just stays at 0.0KB out of 774.3 MB, no progess along the bar , 0% done.  My WIFI is working Ok, I did try shut down and restart.  I have 1.5 GB free on the phone.  Any idea how to start this update ?  My phone has been running slowly for a few weeks, I  hoped th is might solve the problem.  Or is it stuck in a loop trying to update, which is making it slow ?    I did have a long chat with vodaphone support, they suggested all the above checks, but couldn't fix it.   Thanks very much.

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17: Community Champion

More often than not a glitch like this self resolves.

Sometimes switching from Wi-Fi to Mobile Data can help if you have enough data allowance.

Also make sure you have enough resources such as Ram by shifting down your open apps which maybe running in the background.

If your phone allows the procedure then clear your system cache file's.

As a last resort backing up and factory resetting may help.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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