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Moto Z2 Force Oreo Update?

Hi all I just received my new Moto Z2 Force and I'm loving it. I did notice however that after updating everything, it's still on Android 7.1.1 and it's last security updates are from last year. I've seen the phone has recieved the Oreo update in oth...

LUKE_JM by 2: Seeker
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Moto Z2 Play self restarts and shuts down

Hi, I've recently had to send my moto z2 play away to be fixed. it is only around 10 months old, but lately it has been continuously shutting off and restarting itself. Sometimes it will get stuck in a reboot cycle for 6-7 restarts before giving me a...

Resolved! Unsuccessful Skype download

Hi, I went into Googleplay and installed Skype (the first option with the standard logo), it says on my My Apps page that it is installed (the word installed is in a green cartouche).  I have restarted my phone, switched it off and on again, and it s...

Susan38 by 2: Seeker
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Wi-Fi Calling on non samsung android phones.

So i'm trying to figure out how to get wifi calling to work on my motorola Z2 force.i looked on my vodafone account and checked the phone detailsa. wifi calling is enabled for my accountb. My phone supports itc. a phone that is supported by other maj...

Groombro by 2: Seeker
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Galaxy S7 WiFi calling Android 7 Nougat

This is not a question but it is intended to MAYBE clear up some confusion about WiFi calling using the S7 which has updated to Android 7 / Nougat.I bought a used S7 locked to EE - it was NOT a Vodafone device and NOT bought from a Vodafone store.  I...

Network Error when checking for OTA updates

I have a VFD710 and it never finds any software updates. This is after a fresh reboot - even reset to factory defaults and just connect to wifi. I followed the instructions here:

kgretton by 1: Seeker
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Samsung J6 Wifi Calling

Hello,My wife and I have just moved house, sadly it has limited coverage. I had been with O2/BT Cellnet since the 1990s, having checked Vodafone's coverage checker we have started new contracts with Vodafone (purchased through CPW) and the new Samsun...

Call recording

Hi, how do I go about obtaining the recording of a phone conversation of a sale of a new phone on the upgrades line please?  Thank you

Unlocking a Galaxy S7

My older son has given his phone (samsung 7) to my younger son as he has upgraded. My younger son has an EE pay monthly sim card. When you turn the phone on it says SIM network pin blocked. Enter sim network puk. I have the puk code from EE but it is...

Mrsgus by 2: Seeker
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