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z flip 3 screen cracking

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

i have a z flip 3 thats about 6 months old which i keep in a spiegen tough armour case, the screen has started developing a crack along the the fold line on the screen, no other issues, never been dropped , i spoke to voda fone customer service they told me not to worry it was covered by warranty booked it in and i sent it of to the repair center. then today i recieved 2 messages.

the first "Thank you for sending your device to us for repair.

Unfortunately, after inspecting your device, it looks like the work to repair it is going to cost more than we originally estimated. We're sorry for the bad news."

and then "Thank you for sending your device to us for repair.

Unfortunately, it looks like your device is out of warranty, which means we'll need to charge you for any work we carry out. We're sorry for the bad news."

so i called the center to be told the phone was not able to be repaired under warranty as the tecnicians had found a dent in the lcd by the hinge, and would have to pay £380 if i wanted it repaired!!

i told the the representitive  there was no dents the phone had never been dropped or had i seen any other problems, bar the crack appearing on the fold of the screen and that i was not prepaired to pay £380 when in my opinion its a warranty issue, he said they wouldnt be able to repair as its out of warranty as the inner lcd has a small dent, which is not visiable! i explained the phone has always been in a case never dropped and i havnt seen any dents and the only issssue was the cracking.

he then said he also has the same issue with his samsung fold phone and the screen can be damage whist folded in your pocket or by pressing on the screen to hard! i have ststed that if this is so surely the phone is not fit for purpose and am not prepaired to pay £380 for what i consider a warranty problem and wish to speak to some one about making a complaint an d am now waiting for a manager to call me ( which he said could take upto 2 days!) i wondered if anyone else has had the same problem?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

I have the Fold³ and the inner factory fitted screen protector delaminated along the crease which I gently pulled off which does not invalidate the Limited 2 year Manufacturers Warranty. It does not on the Flip³ either.

The caveat is that if the screen is damaged in the act of removing it then this can.

Also one has to be careful due to the softer nature of the display if using it without a screen protector.

And in some respects on how we use this type of phone and the very nature of the make up of the display glass.

i.e in the right circumstances a persons nail can mark the screen.

I would suggest to ask for the phone back and contact a Samsung Service Centre instead to see what they say.

Samsung Repair Centre Support Page. 

Samsung apply a 2 year warranty on their phone's however as Vodafone supplied the phone they are responsible to apply the warranty but Samsung will also want to try and help.

If both deem accidental damage then the repair wouldn't be free.

The warranty is only voided if you get an unauthorised engineer to fix the phone.

Consumer-rights-act-2015 might hold helpful information.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 



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