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How do I setup a 3G/4G Mobile BB Dongle with the Home Router (HUAWEI 963168 VOX25) ???

1: Seeker



I got Vodafone Home Fib re Installed. The router is a HUAWEI 963168 VOX25.


In the Admin settings it has a section for 3G/4G Mobile Broadband.


How do I use this facility as a backup internet using a Huawei Mobile Dongle or a ZTE Dongle?




13: Advanced Member

It appears to be a Vodafone secret.  I can't even find a proper manual for the router which explains all the options.

If you have a dongle you could try just plugging it into the USB port and then disconnecting the phone line from the router. If you then try to access an internet web page from a connected device you might get a web page where you have to select 'Connect'.

I have a Zyxel VMG8924-B10A and that was all I did.  Like the Vodafone router, the Zyxel router did  have fields for parameters shuch as userid, password, APN etc to be entered but I did not need to use them.

If your broadband connection fails you might find it easier just to use a mobile phone wifi hotspot,


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