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Huawei G300 - charging problems

2: Seeker

I have been having a strange problem for a couple of weeks now. While charging the phone, the battery level:


- jumps around all over the place, going from 9% to 67% in a couple of minutes, staying there for another few minutes, then falling back to something like 8%. I managed to charge it to 60% before I went to work, and not 5 minutes after I left it was down at 45% (I'm not sure if this was down to the battery level actually decreasing that much, or if it was a false percentage from the start).


- switches the charging on and off rapidly. This is especially annoying if I'm low on power, since it will beep to indicate low power everytime it switches off - so around once a second until it actually starts charging, which can take a few minutes and a lot of fiddling around.


- drains the battery while still plugged in to charge. One minutes it will say "Charging (65%)" and the next minute it will say "Charging (59%)".


Is this a problem with my charger, or my phone? I have tried charging both in the wall and in my USB port in my laptop. Could it be the cable that needs replacing?


I'd be grateful for answers.

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Community Champion (Retired)
I was getting something a little like that, though nothing like as drastic. I felt it was the battery, bought a replacement, and things promptly settled down.

However, it seems rather less clear-cut in your case. If you are getting the same whether you use the mains charger or the USB port, then it's unlikely to be a charger problem, but it could be that the cable has become damaged, especially the mini (or do I mean micro?) USB plug. Getting a replacement should be easy and inexpensive - in my local small supermarket they've got an excellent selection of leads and connectors!

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