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PAYG SIM required that you dont top up monthly

1: Seeker

I only have a phone so my kids can get in touch. In the past my PAYG SIM of £10 would last me 2 or 3 months. Now it seems I need to top up £10 each month.


Have I got it wrong?

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17: Community Champion

Have you chosen a bundle as they last 30 days and then need refreshing costing whatever the bundle is for another 30 days. 


A possible alternative ->


Basic Payg Ref one of our Community Champions @Anne_N

"what you need is the Freebie Minutes, described under the Freebies Tab here. Add £10, and that becomes the credit on the phone. For the first 30 days you have an allowance of 150 UK minutes, to use or not as you prefer. But the credit remains on the phone pretty much indefinitely, except that you do have to make a chargeable call (or send a text) - well, the rules say every 270 days, but that's dangerously long, and it gets forgotten, then the number gets disconnected, and the credit lost. But, provided you remember to make a call every couple of months (at a current cost of 30p per minute, or 14p for a text), then the initial £10 will last a good long time. And, when you put the next £10 on, you get your next allowance of UK minutes - except that, if you keep spinning out your £10, the details of the offer could have changed by then." From

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