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Speed Drop During First 10 Days

4: Newbie

Hi all,


Some advice please. Vodafone Fibre 76 went live last Tuesday.


Day 1 - 79.9MB - very happy as this bettered the speeds I'd had with Sky (a consistent 78MB) for 18 months.

Day 5 - 70.4MB

Day 6 - 68.9MB


No restarts to router and I know about the 10 day training period and DLM. Is my speed likely to increase/go back to where they were with Sky?


One weird point, not sure if it's just coincidence. Connected Sky Q via ethernet yesterday and that's when (or around when) I had the 11MB speed drop. I immediately disconnected ethernet and went back to a wireless connection. Are the two related?

Many thanks in advance for any help/support.



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@flashforward As you're still within the first 10 days, I'd recommend taking the speeds with a pinch of salt for now.

If they're still lower than you should be receiving after this time, be sure to let us know and we'll be able to assist further. 

There's very little we're able to do whilst your broadband is finding it's feet, so to speak. :smileyhappy:

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4: Newbie

Thanks, Alex.


Yes my 10 days ends on Friday so I will try and be patient


Thanks again!

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10: Established

I probably wouldn't take them with a pinch of salt.  The way DLM works on fibre is to start at the highest speed and work down depending on errors/stability.  It's more like ISPs won't do anything until the 10 days is up.

Just make sure you're not rebooting your router often through this period as this can affect the training of the line.

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9: Established

When I first moved to Vodafone I too had the "incredibly falling speed" issue over the initial 10 days. Started at maximum synronisation and eventually stopped falling at around 60mb - below the guaranteed minimum.

Contacted Vodafone, eventually they got my line reset and I went through yet another 10 day training. Once again speeds started to fall, on day 8 my speed was reporting at 62. However on day 9 the speed increasted to 77mb and on day 10 it increased further to 79.9.

I've been at 79.9 for the past 6 months.

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