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This is a locked archive and content on this page may no longer be up to date. These posts and threads have been archived for reference only.


Sure Signal - Call Audio Quality Issues

Moderator (Retired)

This issue has the following symptoms:


  • Poor audio quality on both outbound and inbound calls


If you’re only experiencing poor audio quality one-way (for example, the call sounds fine to you, but the person you are calling reports poor quality), then this is most likely due to insufficient bandwidth or high latency on your broadband connection and is not an issue with your Sure Signal.



If the person you are calling can’t hear you, this is usually caused by low upload speeds. If you can't hear the person you've called, this is due to low download speeds.

The minimum upload and download speed for a Sure Signal is 1Mbps, although if using multiple devices at the same time the minimum broadband speed will need to be higher.


Check if your broadband connection meets the minimum requirements.

Please run the broadband speed checker.

If your connection fails any part of the test, this indicates an issue with your Internet Service Provider and you’ll need to contact them to discuss this further.


Your connection speed will vary throughout the day, so we recommend running it at various times to get an accurate reading.


Check for planned maintenance.
Check the forum for any planned maintenance. If there is, this will be announced at the top of the Sure Signal forum.


Reset your Sure Signal:


For further details on this process, please follow the reset procedure.

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