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FTTP activation failed

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I’m a new customer switching from Sky FTTP services. My activation date with Vodafone has been and gone without any service activating and after much contact with customer support, apparently Openreach need to do “external work” in the next 5 days. 
I’m baffled. I already had a working FTTP service and understood this switch to have minimal downtime as it’s essentially the same fibre just different router. 
No explanation or further clarity has been offered on what “external work” is required or why this wasn’t identified prior to activation date. 
Has anyone experienced this or know more about “external work” that could be needed? 
I'm understandably not a happy new customer and feel “fobbed off” with being told I have to wait 5 days for an update. 
Any guidance appreciated! 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Are you possibly in a CityFibre area, as Vodafone will probably want to use them rather than Openreach.

Hey, thanks for responding. I’ve just checked the CityFibre web checker and I’m not in a covered area. I’d have to register interest. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Does seem strange then that your move from Sky hasn't gone smoothly.

I do wonder if Vodafone are falling back on blaming Openreach, when they have in fact not handled the transfer correctly.

Hope it gets sorted quickly for you.

Having dealt with over a week of chat support, I’ve been escalated to 3rd line support/require an engineer visit as there are no open reach faults, everything is connected correctly and been proven as such through multiple video links. 

Baffling experience as a customer especially as once you’re in 2nd line support you’re told to monitor your ticket online via a dedicated url. To access this url you need to login but as my broadband service isn’t active, my online account hasn’t activated either so I can’t use any self service options. 

I keep being promised calls with updates but according to my account notes I’ve missed calls (!?). My call history doesn’t have any of these nor do I have the supposed texts or emails that went with the calls. I do have texts and emails for other contact being made (initiated by me) so again, baffled. 

Reaching a point (as it will be 2 weeks without connectivity soon) that I’ll be cancelling this attempt of a connection and going elsewhere as the customer care has been so poor.