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Broadband Connection

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hello, so recently I was with another provider and I decided to switch to Vodafone Full Fibre due to some friends telling me that the speeds that Vodafone offered was much better than what I had and at an affordable price. 

essentially I bought the Pro II Full Fibre 910 on the 5th of May, the installation took place on the 16th of May, engineers came and installed the ONT inside my home and the FTTP outside on the wall, I have looked at my purchase order and since it’s gone past midnight, my order was (completed) i have the Ultra Hub setup with the ONT however, the Data light is constantly flashing amber and the front router light is flashing red, I spoke to three advisors about this previously during yesterday and all told me the same things: 

1. my services wasn’t up 

2. my order had not been completed 

3. the flashing amber light still means the WiFi is connected (which it isn’t) 

4. they gave me the same troubleshooting steps 


many times I have hard reset the Ultra Hub router, same with the ONT, on top of this I’ve made sure that all of the cables are connected properly, I’ve tried using different Ethernet cables, but nothing works, one advisor told me that it’s due too my services not being active and I have to wait till midnight, another advisor said the same thing but also said and I’ll quote when they used the VRA Tool to see how my ONT/Router was setup, “ the connectivity is working on our end, the full fibre was not installed properly at your premise “ like what is this suppose to mean? 3-4 engineers came to my property to install the Fibre Line and everything checked out and the first thing the engineers said to me was “ the light is not suppose to be flashing amber, it’s most likely due to a faulty router and you should contact Vodafone about a replacement “ so I did this, but I can’t get a replacement router? 

can anyone help me with this issue? the Data Light is flashing amber on the ONT, the front of my Ultra Hub is flashing red. I’ve ran through every single troubleshooting step and nothing has worked. I’ve never experienced this problem with my previous provider and I was hoping Vodafone would offer a much better service especially when the installer had been completed but I am without WiFi, the 4G Unlimited Backup Module doesn’t even work either and I still cannot connect to the My Vodafone App or Broadband App due to it says “ you have no active plans linked to this account “ 



Hi @OfficialAqeel I'm sorry to hear you activation hasn't gone ahead as planned. I'd recommend calling the Broadband team again so they can look into this further. You can reach them on 03333 040 191 or pop them a message on Live Chat.

4: Newbie

Just because your ONT has been installed and switched on does not mean your service is active yet. There is no point in trying to troubleshoot your internal system until the ONT is showing an active connection. The router flashing light is normal until the ONT gets a valid data/Internet connection.

What is your activation date, as shown on your Vodafone order confirmation ?