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Broadband Performance

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi I've had Vodafone broadband for around 3 years now. Up until fairly recently I could get approx 56mb to my house, which I had from BT previous and inially with Vodafone.


November last year I began to have issues with my Internet, firstly the speed dropped to around 32mb and has stayed that way at best since. Even looking at other providers they are now all saying upto 58mb etc with the small print only guaranteeing upto 33mb ish. I had noticed the speed drop previously but wasn't overly bothered, what did begin to annoy me is fairly regular net drop outs and periods of hanging or high ping, particularly annoying qhen 3 people in the household play multiplayer online games. This would happen intermittently, aka some nights not at all, other nights randomly from 7pm till early hours. 

I contacted tech support who identified my speed was slower and reduced my monthly fee and we did the split SSID thing on the router. This didn't really help. In addition to the online gaming, we also had issues with the Sky Q box not maintaining connection, this led to a replacement box from sky that did absolutely zero, nothing. To try and prevent these drop outs I have now wired my xbox, my wife's PC and the sky q box to the router. This improved things a little, but wouldn't obviously prevent the line lag/ping whatever it may be and the net drop outs. 


Roll on a little longer and another call to the tech department and again the same fixes which then led to me making an official complaint. During the complaint we connected the router to the engineers port on the BT socket and ran a few tests over the next week, all 3 or 4 tests said somewhere around 31mb and the drop outs improved somewhat. 


Roll on again another few weeks and the drop outs started again, with intermittent High ping etc. I carried out some tests from the vodafone app on my phone and had 2.62mb/s. So now particularly frustrated I called tech again who ran me through some diagnosis, the PC was recording 32mb, however wifi still down at 1.5 to 4mb over various tests.

Annoyed I opted to change provider only to find out I'm stuck in a contract that I don't remember renewing (my fault).


So I'm left with a few queries 


1) Why did my ISP speed suddenly drop  and why after coming up to almost a year had this not been resolved? In addition, why does it seem to be an issue for all ISP providers when I have previously had around 56mb proven from previous speed tests.


2) Why is the wifi performance so bad? I did some self help and changing the DNS seems to have helped wifi (literally no clue why) to 25mb


3) Can anyone help fix my connection/service or release me from this shambolic mess of a contract cause right now 3 mobile contracts and the broadband will all be going else where when they end 


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Really sorry to hear about the the issues you've been having with your internet @Stealthk80. It's important to note that we aren't able to guarantee a 100% stable connection over Wi-Fi. As with all radio-based systems, service may be affected by several local factors with are outside our control.
We'd be happy to help you investigate though so we can find out if the issue is being caused by something we can control, so we can get the ball rolling please drop us a message over on Twitter or Facebook here 

Hi, please fully digest the post I made. I have already made 3 of 4 the mainly used net based devices within our home connected via Ethernet. I spoke with tech for around the 5th time in 9 months around 20th July, that week the net dropped 2 times the following 1 days and massive lag the third. More tests are done and nothing shows as this is an intermittent issue 

Hi @Stealthk80 👋 I am sorry we have not yet been able to get to the bottom of the issue and get this resolved, as we don`t have account access over this forum we would need you to contact us via the link Farai provided above this will enable us to do some further diagnostics, and get the team to look over the issues you have been facing over this period.