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Broadband connection

Broadband dropping out regularly

2: Seeker

I've had Vodafone Home Broadband for about a year and had no problems. Even during lockdown, with two of us using several devices, we've had no issues. However, since last week (25 May), our broadband disconnects 2-3 times within a one hour period every day.


I've been on to Vodafone's Live Chat, but theyr'e asking me to check the router via a test socket. I live in a block of 12 flats and there's only an extension socket in our property - no sign of a master anywhere. It's never been an issue before and we've lived here 20 years. So I don't know where to go from there?


Should I contact BT to check my landline? Should I try a third party router? We need the broadband to work with and if we keep having it drop out every day, I'm going to have to find something more reliable.


Any ideas would be welcome.


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Hey @MOGorman, I think our social media team will be able to help you with, or at least out you in touch with our Tech team. Can you please message them here.

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