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Broadband connection

Cisco VPN Constantly Dropping off Wifi

2: Seeker

I use Cisco VPN on my work laptop and my connection constantly drops off wifi with the VPN constantly disconnecting. I have tried an ethernet cable connected to the laptop and the connection seems a bit more stable but there are still the occassional connection dropouts. It seems to do it more regularly during Microsoft Teams calls.


I have tried splitting my wifi into 2 channels and haven't seen any improvement. The live chat agent suggested this morning that I change the 2.4Ghz channel to 20/40Mhz and reset my router to see if that helps.


I have seen some Vodafone users say this VPN/wifi dropout problem stops when they replace their router so I am wondering if it is an issue with the Vodafone router itself rather than the line?


I am just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions or has resolved a similar issue before? I have checked with my work IT department and they said everything is fine on their end and have advised I speak with my ISP.

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