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DNS rebind attack causing Plex server to disconnect

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


My Plex server (windows) has been constantly dropping connection over the past couple of weeks, steadily getting worse. It now disconnects after a few minutes, when the problem started it would usually last a day, whereas prior to this it was always on.

I've checked the logs on my router (Vodafone ultra hub) and it is showing the following, which I believe to be the cause.

possible DNS-rebind attack detected:

I can't find a DNS whitelist anywhere in the ultra hub settings to add, nor are there any settings to switch off DNS rebinding.

I have tried both Google's ( and cloud flares ( DNS. Makes no difference .

The Plex server is in the latest version (updated last night).

No settings on the Plex server have changed. It was running perfectly until a couple of weeks ago.

Is there anything else I can check/change? As this is driving me mad. 

Is there any way if adding to a white list?


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

The problem with rebind protection is that it more often than not gets triggered in error.  The fact that this is appearing in your logs does not mean that the router is doing anything about it!  So far as I'm aware there is no "whitelist" on the VF routers, but if the router is acting on DNS-rebinds, there should be an option somewhere in the router WEB-UI to turn this off.
*For the record both my Plex server and my security cameras generate DNS-rebind messages in logs of my third party router, but everything continues to work!

4: Newbie

Sorry to not have anything useful to add. I’ve just signed up for Voda BB (move from BT) and am dreading setting up piet forwarding etc. Have been able to access my server remotely for ages but remember how fiddly it was to get it right…

hoping there are Plex-using folk with good IP admin skills on this forum…

Following your post to see what happens. Crossing my fingers and toes for you!

My issue turned out to be my VPN split tunnel kept falling over and blocking the entire internet connection.

Pretty much fine now, just every few days my public IP seems to change and needs a server reboot

Thanks:-) Glad you got ut cleared up. My media server reboots daily in a schedule just for safety’s sake