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Slow FTTP 910 speeds are dreaful

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I am posting on here as I have already reached out to support and found the support shocking.

I have been with Vodafone for around 7 months having initially joined with the 500mbps package. As my requirements have now changed as I wanted to run essentially a small server at home that will look after my smart devices, backups etc, I opted to upgrade to 910mbps for a £6 difference (granted one of my main concerns being the upload speeds as Openreach's upload speeds are dreadful).
I never took too much notice of the speeds previously but remember these being at around 450mbps and increasingly got worse over time (not sure if this is related to being in a new development and more houses around me going up over the last few months).

Anyway since upgrading and running various speed tests, I noticed my speeds reaching around 380mpbps during peak hours and generally hover around the 400mbps-450mbps (I do reach the advertised 110mbps uploads consistently) outside of these.

I currently use my own Asus router which I initially used as a bridge from the Vodafone router, but as part of this test have both tried running speed tests from the Vodafone router directly (wired) and from the Asus router as the main router whilst nothing else is connected. Asus provides me with the overall faster speeds (as I'd expect), the Asus router also has its own built in speed test so takes a laptop out of the equation.
I did request a static IP just before the upgrade, and I've noticed some mentions of this causing some people issues.

I called to report this today and had 3 very painful conversations. On all 3 occasions I mentioned that I was now running my own router, and they still proceeded with asking me about lights on the Vodafone router and pictures etc. (Clearly not understanding that this was not plugged in). I did remove the Asus router and connect the Vodafone router which no devices have the wi-fi credentials saved on or any devices connected to via ethernet, and running a speedtest when wired I achieved around 378mbps whilst on the call.  I asked what speeds they could see on their end 4 times and they kept changing the conversation but then eventually said "over 550mbps". I mean even this is way off the 910mbps, granted the guaranteed speed is 450mbps, but I called off-peak, and 550 is way off 910mbps.

The call was escalated to 2nd line, who called me later this evening. I explained the situation, again saying that now I have my own router connected etc etc.

I was put on a long hold, and when the agent came back he said "Sorry for the long hold, there were a lot of updates to run on your router. I'll just need you now to reset your router and you may have no internet after this for a few hours, if the issue is still there in 3 days then call us back".

I could only chuckle, and ask how he had run updates on my router when it is my own one which threw him off. Asked me to connect the Vodafone router so that it could run updates and to call back in 3 days if I have the same issues. That was the call, text received to say "Glad the issue is resolved".

What sort of joke support is this? And how can you hide behind your 'Guaranteed speeds', which by the way are ridiculously low, and expect someone to be happy with a constant 450mbps when they pay for 910mbps? If all you can deliver is 450mbps, then you should not advertise 910mbps in my area. 910mbps should be average speeds, not 450mbps!

In modern day, there are a lot of devices that are connected to the wifi, asking someone to reset their router every 5 minutes, connecting routers back and forth etc is massive waste of time, especially when I rely on wifi calling as my only way of making and receiving calls. I have ordered a Cat6 cable (not that it should make a huge difference) to replace the provided 5e cable to go from the Openreach box to the router.

I am shocked that my ticket was essentially closed with a 'reset your router' and asked to call back if this doesn't fix it when I've wasted 3 hours today on this. If that isn't fobbing someone off, then I don't know what is. I hope someone from Vodafone can reach out to me directly and actually help me resolve this.


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Good luck with this. 

I was on the 100 and consistently hit over that up and down. Then 200 the same. 500 no issue. Until 3 weeks ago it showed a line error with city fibre. Text to say it was all fixed. 72 hours same again. The speeds were mostly consistent but it kept disconnecting every device then having me log in to connect again. 


I upgraded to 900 on Thursday. Stupid I know but I though hey it's a good deal. Now my speeds are fluctuating. Sometimes the same speed as on 500. So 520 540 up and down. Maybe an upload of 700 maybe 320. 

So far I've been told its my WiFi signal. The line is fine. The router is fine and I even got told its because I have brick walls in my home. 

When I asked why I've never had an issue before weeks ago. I was told they don't know if the issue isn't flagged and as long as I get 450 it's working fine. 

They won't accept I've never hit 450 on a 500 connection and now on 900 I'm barely on the same speed as the 500. Let alone 3 people I know locally are all on 900 and achieving that as an average. Minimum. 

The speeds don't sync like they used to and I'm now being sent a new router when I said I was going to leave. Which I've been told. WILL FIX ALL OF MY ISSUES. 

They won't even reset the profile on my line incase to make sure the 900 is activated right. 

I will see what tomorrow brings as over 6 hours onto tech and im sick of people giving me mixed stories and trying to fob me off. 

One guy from the Internet team did say something is wrong and has kept the ticket open to investigate further but he agreed with me. 

I bet I won't be able to speak to him again. As he said people above him have more control but he'd love to work my case. 

I'm done for today. 

I hope you get further. Just don't stop asking and pushing. 


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I didn't say anything on the phone as I didn't want them to think that I'm just one of those guys that thinks that knows it all, but I've worked in IT at a fairly high level for a number of years. I just did what was asked me to let them go through the standard script, but it's so frustrating when you get someone on the end other end of the line when they don't know what to do when a query goes outside of their script.

But for a so called 2nd line to say he did a load of updates to my router and to call back in a few days if the issue persists, when I clearly said their router wasn't connected, shows someone that doesn't care.

Believe me I understand. I had the 100, 200 and 500 package without issue. One issue flagged 3 weeks ago when the router kept disconnecting the Internet. Fault apparently fixed. Forward 2 weeks it happened again. No fault found. 

I upgraded to the 900. As always had over 500 symmetrically. Now. It's barely over what I had on 500 if I'm lucky and wired I'm down to about 446 dl and 340 ul. 

That's even with a new router sent this morning. I am currently awaiting a manager for tier 2 experts to call me back. 

I've been told as long as I hit 450 it's working correctly even though I've never hit that on my 500 connection with city fibre. This is now beyond a joke. 

We don't guarantee 900.

Then why are 4 people on my same street hitting over it as their average like I was on 500.?

Absolutely shocking. 




After 8 hours on the phone. 14 online chats. 2 executive calls. 1 replaced router via executive office. This has finally happened. 10 consecutive tests ran and all practically the same apart from a meg or so either way.

So much for being quoted 450 on a 900 even after never having gone below 510 on a 500 package. 

An apparently ont reset. A profile check and something else they didn't say. I'm assuming a profile reset and so far. All is finally as it should be with the wired connection and WiFi about 500 to 540 which I am happy with given it isn't a WiFi 6 enabled router. 

Keep calling. Escalating and an email to the CEO office doesn't hurt. Let alone telling them you're leaving. 

I shall monitor it and feed back. 

Thanks for the advice and help. 


I seem to be in the same situation you were , last call was told it's all working correctly and above minimum,  so that's it.

But you are proof it's not.

Is a ONT reset simply turning on and off? I have tried that though.

We're you on BT or City fibre?

I had the similar problem and until I changed the router - which looked exactly the same I had slower speeds too.. Once router changed it all popped into place