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FTTP 900 Line Slow Upload (and download)

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After having a FTTC line 80:20 for years with Vodafone and getting pretty much full speed i recentley had chance to switch to Full Fibre which i did and initially chose 100 package.  I was greedy and have moved to 900 package as Upload is important to me with uploading video for business..  

When on 100 package i was getting around 18/19 upload - same as FTTC..  But when I have upgrade to 900 package i am now getting only 12.  It is very strange..  Been through support and asking me to send pictures morning, noon and night and feel I am getting into fobbing off territory.  I am using there standard THG3000 hub.  I am testing using Ethernet..  

The download isn't great either at 300-400 but I am assuming both are linked somehow.  But it is Upload I am most upset with. 

I saw someone on another thread ask for Troute to - so did that in case it helps...  Anyone have any ideas.. 


Tracing route to [151.101.***.*1]
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 3 ms 2 ms vodafone.broadband []
2 9 ms 7 ms 7 ms []
3 * * 8 ms
4 * * * Request timed out.
5 10 ms 6 ms 13 ms


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16: Advanced member

Well I think you have proven that it's a configuration being sent to the THG3000 that is causing the loss of upload speed.

When you get the new router, I suspect it will probably work O.K. as I believe the config file is tied to the serial number of the router. (it seems to work that way on FTTC, may be different on FTTP)

It will be interesting to see the result of using a different THG3000.


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16: Advanced member

Do you have a static IP? 

Yes I do ... it's actually business broadband  


I tried last night powering down ONT then resetting router - then powering up ONT and during router setting itself up I had connection for a few seconds which gave me over 100mbps on speedtest on upload but then router dropped and reconnected and I am getting almost consistently 18.77mbps for upload - as if it is stuck there..  Not getting near 900 on upload but do get between 350 and 550.  But upload is stuck...  

Had to send speed tests and different times of day with proof router has only one ethernet device connected..  which other users just love!


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16: Advanced member

Yeah, we all love gathering the evidence for them. That's why we stick with them


Does Static IP make a difference then?

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16: Advanced member

It did for me. Slow and erratic speeds until I went back to dynamic.

The full story (Internal forum link)  

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16: Advanced member

What made things worse is I'm in West Yorkshire, I was put on the Edinburgh gateway and the static IP I had was identified as being from the block retained by their Bracknell centre. They would only accept speedtest results from the Vodafone Bracknell Ookla server because of reasons I don't understand. Those results were always 108/25 but tests to Leeds (only 10 miles away) and Manchester were abysmal, along with the packet loss. 

Interesting for sure...  Quick question... in that thread what program were you using to monitor bandwitdth over time.. to get nice graphs...  ?  

Also have you experienced no issues since you came of a static IP.  I am going to get it removed now as I don't really use it anyway..  was just a nice to have...  and can use DDNS if i need to I am sure...  

Anything I can do to show you routing so you can work out what mine is doing?

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16: Advanced member

Since a few weeks after losing the static IP I've been back on my local gateway enjoying broadband as it should be.

That was with full fibre 100 and when the ip changed the effect was instant (after a reboot). Full speeds.

I still had a Latency issue until the gateway changed.