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Broadband connection

Connection dropping or slow very slow speeds 2Mbps that fixes by itself when I call customer support

2: Seeker

Maybe someone can help me with my broadband issue, it drives me crazy.  Since I switched to Vodafone, 2 months ago, I have all kinds of issues with my broadband, when it works, the speed is great. I had 2 Openreach engineers visiting the house, did all kinds of tests, could not find any issues. These are the issues that I experience:

- sometimes the download and upload speed are very slow, 2Mbps / 3Mpbs ( for hours or days)

- sometimes I do not have internet at all and the router logs say that "DSL connection is down".  (most time: 12 h)

All these issues seem magically solved every time I call customer support and they monitor the connection. I was told by customer support that this is is a coincidence and they do not do anything, but it happened at least 10 times by now and I do not think is a coincidence. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? 

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4: Newbie

Use xdslchecker, you should be getting the minimum hand back rate that BT wholesale say. If not that's a fault condition which should require a full investigation. As you have had two engineers already your within your rights to have Vodafone speak to BT wholesale who in turn can create an escalation and task this to a senior engineer.


sounds like your on ADSL which means customers services are able to reprofile your line. If what you say is true they are like reducing the SNR on your line to give you a speed boost. Maybe they are doing this to try and get rid of you or maybe it's a training issue. It's totally pointless to reduce the SNR on a problematic line since it creates instability which you have already confirmed. The DLM will automatically restore the original SNR anyway if the line is unstable.

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