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Connectivity problem

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I had pro 500 fibre installed last year and generally happy with it but the recent (about 4 weeks back) bad weather has caused problems. Initial problems were connection keep dropping but a few calls to Vodafone support managed to get it stable although it still drops occasionally. Current problem is that my PC now shows no internet when I use it on WiFi but both my personal and business Onedrives log in and I can web browse without problem. I also cannot play a game that I have played using WiFi for many years on several PCs including this one until about 4 weeks back. If I switch to a wired connection all the problems go away. Spoke to support who told me that the problem was the PC is switching between boosters and not getting a connection which sounds like codswallop to me - I can browse and use OneDrive but icon says no connection which apparently means my PC is at fault. As I can use a wired connection I decided to do that instead but today I turned on my fire tablet for the 1st time in a number of weeks and that also shows no connection but I can browse the Internet - not tried anything else yet so don't know if any other problems. Anybody else had this?




2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Further information:

  • Network speed (using less than 100mb - was previously around 500mb
  • Youtube videos default to 360p, manually setting HD or QHD result in looooooong delays and then auto switch back to 360p
  • I have tried both wired and wireless with static and DHCP IP addresses - no difference.
  • IPv6 is OFF
  • I use the Vodafone app - but since the problems started Super WiFi is not available
  • Router firmware has been updated
  • I have replaced the Cat6 cable (NTE to Vodafone router)
  • Firmware has been upgraded and router has been reset to factory defaults