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Broadband connection

Gigafast Upgrade from Superfast 2

1: Seeker

I made the mistake of upgrading from a great working superfast 2 to gigafast fibre. I ordinally placed an order and confirmed the speed (500). All looked good, engineer booked, new router. Day came for the install and then it all went down hill.

Openreach installed the fibre and nokia termination box. Connected the router all working and left. Took vodafone over a 2 weeks to connect the voip phone. And I have been stuck on gigafast 40 (35mb download and 9mb upload), great for a fibre connection. When ordered wasn't told Openreach are asymmetric so wont get the same upload and download, but I have been stuck on 40mb and after calling everyday no one appears to know how to upgrade me to the correct speed. Raised a complaint only to be told gigafast was not available and I would have to wait and basically called a liar when I offered to take a phone of the fibre connection. 


I cant believe how bad its gotten trying to contact vodafone. hours on calls, calls hung up, chats disconnected, and now told I am passed my cooling off period and cant cancel. 


I am not getting the promised speeds and my next step is the ombudsman. They cant provide the service but expect me to pay to get what I was promised. 


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