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Broadband connection

How to cancel vodafone BB after 3 weeks

3: Seeker



I am getting unacceptable and unusable broadband speed up to 6MB/s in the evenings. I usually get 35MB/s during the day. I spoke to the chat line but they were unhelpful. They lured me into leaving BT by offering the amazon tech pack and £75 credit upfront and also their guarantee of internet speed of 52MB/s

As I am not getting the service they promised can I leave the 2 years vodafone contract without paying the termination fees? How to do it please.


Many thanks

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16: Advanced member

Vodafone's no quibble cool off period is just 2 weeks.  Beyond that, you have to give them the chance to fix it, or enter into dispute resolution.


Here's the link on how to complain that is bizarrely well hidden within the Vodafone site:

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Hey @maljubouri As @KeithAlger advised our cooling off period is 14 days. If you're still inside this time frame and are set on cancelling, give our dedicated Broadband team a call on 08080 034 515 and we'll be able to help with this.

We'd hate to see you leave and I'm sure our Social Media team will be able to get everything sorted and the rest of your time with us will be plain sailing. Pop them a message through Facebook or Twitter and they'll be happy to help.

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