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Microsoft Teams And Router

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2: Seeker

Hi All,


Like others, every time I use Microsoft teams, my router dies. If its on wifi or hardwired, during a call, the internet will drop and other devices hardwired in to the router go off. If I connect to my mobile as a hotspot, no problems. Currently on 500 Fibre etc. Pinging around 450 - 520 mbps. The router I have is the normal grey one.

What option have I, only been with Vodafone a few months. Would get my own router but my land phone is connected as an output of the Vodafone router. Is there a fix? Spit the ethernet from the wall so it goes to two routers and only have phone connected to router? Another router that does landline too?


@Glage123 I turned off WiFi on my work laptop and started using LAN cable (CAT 6) from router to my work laptop (other devices are on WiFi). Its a workaround but never had a issue since I started using LAN/Cat6. Hope that helps.

I logged a call with Vodafone and as expected first line support brushed it under the carpet with phrases like - it's interference with your other devices, maybe you would be better off upgrading to our Pro II broadband and nonsense like that. I needed a solution quickly, so I returned to a previous century - wire connection. I now have LAN cable from the router going to my home office and that resolved the issue. Obviously this is Vodafone router issue, but Vodafone just don't care about it enough to seriously investigate it.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

As an observation:  This issue only seems to affect users who have changed from another ISP to Vodafone.  To me that would suggest that it's MS Teams that is doing something odd, possibly trying to use out-of-date settings that it should not even be storing!

I re-installed my windows, it didn't resolve the issue. I borrowed another laptop, it didn't resolve the issue. Its clear that this is a common Vodafone broadband issue and Vodafone just doesn't care about their users. if they cared, they would investigate logs and would spend some time figuring it out. this issue has been affecting users for years and Teams is an essential tool for everyday use, but the only reply from Vodafone is suggestion to buy more expensive broadband. that sounds to me like a bad customer service.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@andresm  It could be that you have tested with two computers both of which have power saving and/or sleep settings active on the ethernet port. Having said that, VF's response is not helpful.

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3: Seeker

I'm relived that I am not the only one to be experiencing issues with Teams and Vodafone, 3 of us in the same house all experiencing issues whilst on calls, moved from BT to Vodafone, 74MB FTTP, everything else bar teams works as it should, just over 20 months left of my contact with them wanting to charge me a early disconnection fee of £135 (it was either £135 or £235 couldn't quite make it out, just said I wasn't willing to pay it).

Spoke to cancellations, then retentions who said as the line checks were as they should be I would have to pay it, refused, then transferred to Technical support, who did numerous line tests, wanted me to try setting up a guest network as less security restrictions, so after 40 minutes and numerous "updates" to my router, I am back where we started.

All I want right now is to be able to move back to BT, and to be able to do what I did previously without issue.  I moved due to a £20 per month saving compared to my old contract, but I guess as the saying goes you get what you pay for, and for me to get that it looks like I will have to pay a significant penalty.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@Alex_456  You have to keep pushing the complaint up the hierarchy. It took me 3 months before they offered me a non-penalty exit. 

Thanks - and I am not surprised it took you so long, took me 6 weeks to get my broadband fully up and running due to numerous issues, the customer service over the phone has been really poor.  If I had a £1 for every time I have had an apology over the phone or via the facebook messenger chat, I could of paid the exit fee and had money left over.