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Moving Cityfibre connection in my house to another room.

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Hi all,

I just had a really frustrating series of calls with VF and wanted to get some advice here.

I need to move the fibre connection sockets in my house to another room. They are currently in a home office that will be turning into a nursery for a baby so naturally I need all of that equipment moved.  When Cityfibre originally installed the connection they gave me a choice of rooms, one of them being where I want to relocate the connection to.

I spent an hour on the phone this morning with someone giving all the details over, they said it would be fine but someone would call me back. Someone from the Wi-Fi expert team just called and said they couldn't move the connection because it's already in the only suitable place in my house, I asked him where it was in my house and he didn't have a clue. He then said they can't move it now because it's not a nursery yet!! (mind-blowing) so I just said I obviously wanted to get it done before it became a nursery and if it helps I can just call it a nursery now. He then didn't really know what to say and just said they can't do it.

Has anyone got any advice? should I just contact Cityfibre directly?



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member


As speaking to the standard broadband support is getting you nowhere, try raising an official complaint, they should be able to help resolve it.



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Thanks Jayach. I will do this for sure.