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No Internet for week worst service ever.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Can't believe Vodafone service is worst then Virgin Media.

13/12/2023 - internet stopped working called the customer service and they told me there was a cable brake somewhere in area

And they are working and will be fixed in 48 hours as that's their SLA.

15/12/2023 - at night I called them again to check and issue was still ongoing I told them weekend is coming and I need to work over weekends and since Christmas is coming it's not good. I need to complete everything before that.

They told me it will be fixed in 24 hours.

16/12/2023 - I called to checkin again as I still don't have Internet they said it's almost fixed they are at testing stage, it was good to hear that as I know it won't take that much time now as I have worked for ISP and data center myself I know it should be quick. I told them ok I will wait today and see.

17/12/2023 - contacted them again in morning and found out line is fixed for everyone but for some reason mine is still not working agent raises the fault for me and told me I now need to wait 48 hours to get this fixed. I am like this is madness why can you guys check the line when you fix something this is not acceptable.

18/12/2023 - today still no Internet, at this point I feel like to cancel my Vodafone broadband and phone line and also start switching away my all my sim contacts. This customer service is worst know one knows what's happening and they just keep saying to wait, it's like they are hiding their fault. 

It's almost a week I have no Internet I have to use my mobile hotspot and worst is signal is not good in my area.


I should say thank you for worst service Vodafone.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If there really was a fault in the local area which has now been fixed, is it possible you changed something at your end, before calling Vodafone the first time, and that is why yours hasn't come back?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

It just got fixed finally. Issue was Vodafone itself. 

Not sure what happened but it randomly started working on afternoon. I have not changed anything on their router use it with default config they provided.