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Replacement router (non Vodafone)

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


I've been getting high latency & regular connection dropouts since changing from BT to Vodafone. My cabled devices don't seem to suffer as much as my WiFi devices, so what little tech knowledge I have deduces this is a router issue - backed up by a lot of posts on this forum.

Does anyone have recommendations for decent 3rd party routers which are compatible with Vodafone Full Fibre 200, I have a full FTTP connection as it's a new build house, if that makes a difference.


E.g. Amazon Eero, Google Nest etc


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@SMB14490  WiFi speed is often not as high as ethernet and there are a number of reasons as well as a sulking router. Just how bad is your experience? What does the VF speed test show?

Can you run a trace to to demonstrate the latency? What is in the router logs about the dropouts?

Thank you @Cynric and @Ripshod for your replies. If I trace the timings, I have just been on a terrible MS Teams call and the below log entries look to correspond with the connection dropping (screenshot, hopefully comes through on here)



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16: Advanced member

@SMB14490 Just have to wait a little for the picture to show.

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16: Advanced member

The WiFi on the vodafone router can be a disappointment. Using a third-party router would benefit the WiFi, but how would you feel about losing the digital voice service, or working hard to keep it (this can be quite frustrating).

As for the latency, can you run a traceroute to and paste the results here? We'll work out where your gateway is. You can also get the gateway IP from the router's status pages.

If you haven't already disable IPv6.

@Cynric synchronised posting 😎