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Running google nest from Vodafone full fibre

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3: Seeker

I've just had Vodafone full fibre installed to the house and I'm waiting for activation of the line. During lockdown our vodafone router performed very poorly that I replaced it with an old style openreach modem and google nest.

I'm hoping that all I need to do is plug the google nest (not the pro version) straight into the new ONT box and everything will work as I'd previously done some configurations (too long ago to remember exactly what) involving online chats with vodafone and poe codes?

Just wondering if people can confirm this as 'working from home' and meetings in the diary that will rely on a seamless transition.

Also, not sure what to do for a landline now as I chucked out the old vodafone modem which hardly worked, any thoughts?



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16: Advanced member

@jmtaylor73  The "search" button reveals this thread perhaps it may be some assistance?

I'm not sure it answers my exact question, but thank you.

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16: Advanced member


It should be a simple reconnection of the Nest to the ONT, but you will probably need a new PPPoE username and password.

You will lose easy access to the phone line, if that is still connected to the phone socket.

Many thanks for your help. Simply amending the PPPoE info didn't work, but a factory reset of the Nest and entering the new info did work!

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16: Advanced member

In my experience everything works better without the vodafone router, but others use the vf router and it works just fine for them.

Not everyone has the same experience. The only way, in your case, is to suck it and see. If it doesn't work for what you want to do you have the 14 days to cancel.

Microsoft meetings and zoom work fine with my third party router (hope I haven's shot myself in the foot saying that).

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3: Seeker

Thought I'd follow up for others benefit. The engineer that came around told me I definitely would need a vodafone router. When I tried to connect the google nest wifi router to the ONT I couldn't change the PPOE settings in the app as simply as I'd hoped. It just kept saying error. After a long time with both Google Nest support chat and also vodafone broadband chat, I ended up doing a factory reset of the nest and then setting up all over again. Which was painful but it allowed me to enter the PPOE info when setting up the router and bingo, all worked fine!