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Ultra hub not connecting to smart devises

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We have recently moved from Sky broadband to the Vodafone ultra hub (major mistake, don’t move if you’re considering the ultra hub!).

our new ultra hub is not allowing us to connect a JVC tv, our smart heating system and also any smart plugs we have. We have spoken to multiple engineers but they all seem to say the same it’s because we can’t solicit the WiFi and we need it to be on 2.4ghz. They give us potential solutions but these are still not working. 
We have a heating engineer coming out this week to see if he can manipulate the system to work. But how do we get the TV’s and smart plugs to connect?

We are at the point of cancelling now with how awful customer service has been. 



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

The problems of connecting/configuring 2.4GHz only devices on a router that doesn't allow you to switch off (temporarily) the 5GHz or to split the bands are well known. (and it's not just Vodafone)

There are many different methods to overcome the problem, and a google search should find some, but some people with the THG3000 router have said using the guest network allowed them to connect their smart devices, so you could try that.

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I had the same issue when I took out the 900 Mbps a year ago, have you tried going into router settings in the app and turning on compatibility mode. You end up with two networks one ends in premium the other does not. Connect all the older devices to the network without premium. I had not issues with this problem after doing this.