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Broadband connection

Ultrafast 500gb broadband pro 4g backup

2: Seeker

Had Ultrafast installed today, all is working eventually after issues with Wi-Fi.

the 4g backup dongle is inserted, but in the app, it says that there is no SIM card is inserted (it is), and in the web admin pages under ‘status/mobile status’ it says 


Network Operator is blank
signal is about 5/10 bars
IP and DNS are both
I can see an IMEI number
Status - Configuring Device
is there something I need to do to configure? Or does it just kick in when needed?
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2: Seeker

Just been through the chat service, passed over to Wi-Fi experts, sat waiting for over 30 minutes, watching my place in the queue get better, then instantly get cut off. 

fuming, my experience of Vodafone support is shocking. 

I want UK Vodafone support to contact me directly.

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