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Broadband connection

VF wired LAN through Power Line Adaptors

2: Seeker
I have recently purchased some power line adaptors from TP-LINK (AV600). They also have WiFi extenders built into them. This Wifi is fantastic. However, we are seeing a lot of interrupts especially on video streaming on various devices around the house. I have discussed this with Vodafone and they said we need to put as much on a wired network as possible as they do not guarantee WiFi performance. Hence we purchased new power line adaptors. The trouble is they don't appear to work in the wired format. I spoke to TP-LINK about this and they said it was a channel issue with Vodafone. Trying to get Vodafone support is impossible at the moment. Even the chat line takes forever! I can see that the recommend using certain channels on 2.4GHz(1,6 &11) and 5GHz(36 & 48) which I have tried but still no luck. Understanding the impact this has on the data rate and also other devices would be helpful or some clear guidance on what works and what definitely doesn't. I have also seen other responses about putting a bridge router in between the VF router and power line adaptor but we really shouldn't have to do that. Any ideas?
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16: Advanced member

These should be dead easy to set up!

The smaller one of the two needs to be plugged into a wall socket (not a powerstrip if at all possible), and then you plug in the larger of the two plugs with the WiFi ability remotely within the house.  They will work if they are on separate ring mains but are better if on the same one.

When it comes to setting up the WiFi, use a separate SSID for the WiFi on the extender and manually connect clients to either the Router SSID or the extender SSID - you can't use the same SSID because that will not work with these!  *And for best results leave the channel setting on "Auto"!

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