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Vodafone Broadband Equipment question

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3: Seeker


I'm due to be connected to VF BB in about a week's time.

I took out the Full Fibre 900 package £31

It comes with the THG 3000 Router as standard.

Can anyone help me with a few questions I have regarding the Equipment  ....

Would the newer Ultra WiFi 6E Router and Boosters work on this package?

I did ask VF Chat help and they said yes it would work, and gave me my login details to use with it.

But,  I'm not sure they understood what I was asking, So thought I would double check here.

Also the WiFi back up box is that unlocked to any network. If it's not, could I use the Box with a VF SIM card if I bought one?

Basically Im wondering if I could buy an Ultra Router 6E, Booster, and WiFi Box from eBay and use them on the Full Fibre 900 ?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

The Ultra 6e router is only available with Pro II services, so that's ruled out.

You don't need login details with any of the vodafone router's because:

a. They are automatically sent to your router when provisioning takes place

b. There's no way to manually input your login details.

The 4G dongle is only supplied wit Pro or Pro II accounts.  The "box" as you call it will only work with the sim provided with a Pro or Pro II account. 

I know it's only available from VF with PRO II, but they are for sale on eBay.

If no login details are needed, why did VF chat help send me details to use with the Ultra Router.

As for the 4G Dongle, I wondered if it could be used as a standalone, in other words not plugged into the main Router and just used the same way you would any other Dongle with a new VF SIM.

@abductedcraig01 wrote:
If no login details are needed, why did VF chat help send me details to use with the Ultra Router.

I suspect they thought you were wanting to use a 3rd party Wi-Fi 6 router.

Hmmm Yeah you could be correct, but he did type ......

Thank you, Craig. I've checked things for you, you can use Ultra Hub 6E on the package you've taken from us. PPPoE details you can use are 👇

Bla Bla

Once again, proving the users' combined knowledge is superior to the agent's and their scripts.


I think that's always been the case, or at least that's what I have found.

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Now that you have the PPPoE details you are not limited to the Vodafone equipment, you can buy any make/model of suitable router that you like. Unless you are relying on the Vodafone router to supply digital voice.

Yeah I think that is probably the best thing to do.
What are the Routers concidered best just now.

Oh and Im Scottish, so none of your £270 ones .

No I am willing to spend a few £, more so if it can be used on both Openreach and City Fibre.

That would mean no matter who I go with later on I don't have to worry about buying another one.

Well until its past its use by date. Oh and what's everyone's thoughts on WiFi Dongles/ Router as back up.

Would I be better going for a Main Router that has a SIM card slot, or best to keep them separate.

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to try and buy one that's semi descent.


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3: Seeker

Just a quick update on this post.

I had the BB service switched on today..... 900 @ £31 a month,

Installer installed the Black Intelligent Hub, so all up and running well.

Once the installer left we wired up the Ultra Hub and the Boosters,

Entered the PPPoE details that chat help gave me, and everything looks to be working fine.

The speed and coverage is great, devices are all connected, and the Phone app works,

Im not 100% sure all the the setting are showing but all that are work as they should., 

The Ultra Hub did reboot a few times at first, I imagine it was Firmware updates.

My next step is to see if the SIM card WiFi backup Hub can have the SIM card swapped over, then used along side the Ultra Hub.

I don't have a WiFi Backup box yet, so don't even know if the SIM card in them is accessible.

Anyone know if the SIM card is accessible ?

Or would I need to use a USB Dongle?