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Broadband connection

Vodafone Broadband and Sky on demand

2: Seeker

I have switched over to Vodafone broadband within the last couple of days and now I’m having issues downloading programs from sky on demand. It’s taken me one whole day to download one 1 hour program. Vodafone are saying my speeds are fine. I had no issue with my sky broadband but now I just seem to be getting issues with switching over. Has anyone had this issue and managed to resolve it? It’s driving me insane!!!

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16: Advanced member

It has been mention on here a few times.

The problem (I believe) is that without the Q router the Sky Box has to use the 2.4Ghz band.

Unfortunately the 2.4Ghz doesn't have the same max speed as the 5Gz (but still should be able to handle the speed required to stream TV) but also seems to be more susceptible to interference.

I don't know an easy resolution to this, but if you use a WiFi booster close to the Sky box it may help.


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