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Big Value Bundle - PAYG


What are Big Value Bundles?

  1. Big Value Bundles are Pay as you go Bundles that give you an allowance of standard minutes, standard texts and data to use within the UK and our Europe Zone for a period of 30 days. Big Value Bundles are also known as BVB.
  2. There are different types of Big Value Bundles which give you different allowances. Please see our Big Value Bundle page for details.

Total Rollover

  1. If your Pay as you go Bundle (also known as Big Value Bundle) automatically renews, any unused data from your previous bundle will roll over and will only be available for you to use during the next 30-day period.
  2. Unused allowances will only roll over from one Pay as you go Bundle to the next if your bundle renews automatically on the day your previous bundle expires. If you choose to change your bundle, or it doesn't automatically renew (usually due to a lack of credit on your account), any unused data will not roll over.

You can check out all of our Pay as you go SIMs and bundles here -

Then our Big Value Bundles Ts&Cs here -

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