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5G Gigacube and Double NAT

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I know there have been some much older posts on this, but I'd like a current update if anyone can help.

I have a legacy Gigacube (H112-370 5G CPE Pro device) which doesn't support bridge mode. Using this device I'm not aware there is a solution to double NAT. Could someone confirm that?

If that can't be fixed, I notice Vodafone is now using newer/updated modem/routers. I'm not sure what the model number of the newest device is? Could anyone shed light on that? Does the new device support bridge mode or does it offer a solution to fixing double NAT?



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

The basic issue is CG-NAT or Carrier Grade Network Address Translation, which in simple terms means that you are sharing an internet-facing IP address with multiple other users,  The long-term solution for Vodafone is that they transition their mobile network users to IPv6.  In the short term for users such as yourself, it can be just messy, though it might help if we knew what specific issues you are seeing.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. 
In essence the main issue I’m having is device dropouts a little too often. Parts of my Sonos system seem to drop out regularly and also my google nest thermostat. If I power down the gigacube and reboot my google wifi pro (I have WiFi turned off on the gigacube and use google wifi pro mesh system) then the issues seem to resolve themselves for a period before returning. 
I think the issues are related to double nat but I’m far from a networking expert. 
Can I ask what the messy solutions are until Vodafone goes to ipv6?