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Broadband speed

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

My connection goes live on the 17th of May. I will be conducting many speed tests. If I don’t get the 900mb I signed up for or very close to it I will certainly cancel within the 14 day cooling off period. 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@mroebuck  Are you deliberately looking for an excuse to quite already? You should get the advertised speed when measured on a device connected by ethernet cable to the router or the speed shown by the router WAN admin page when you use a browser to connect to the router, the app is a but poor at the present. 

That’s EXACTLY what the last supplier said!!

I signed up for 900mb and over the first ten days I NEVER achieved greater than 300 over the City Fibre infrastructure. 
NO, I am not already looking for an excuse, but I am also not an idiot. I don’t intend to stand for 300mb when I sign a contract for 900mb. You may be happy with that but reading posts on the site I am not!

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@mroebuck If you are at the same address and when the last supplier was a disappointment, then you are likely to be on CityFibre infrastructure again.

I realise that! So you are saying I can expect the same pathetic speed that I received with the last supplier? Why do these people sell 900mb when they know well that they are unable to achieve it?

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

@mroebuck If there's a fault in the CityFibre fibre, then there's a chance. If you find a problem after go-live the only route is via VF's helpdesk as the infrastructure companies do not talk directly to the end user. Fingers-crossed you'll find it's ok.


i didn’t find it’s ok!! My connection to Vodafone was completed last night. I did several tests and was getting around 500mb. Today, whilst I was at work a city fibre engineer called at my home. Not sure what he did but this evening I am getting just over 100mb??? I’ve been with Vodafone for less than 24 hours and have now cancelled my order. I DO NOT blame Vodafone in ANY way for this, the blame lies solely and completely with city fibre. I really am not prepared to put up with it. I am sorry Vodafone but you need to talk to city fibre!!!!!

Hi @mroebuck 


Thanks for reaching out about this! We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing some speed issues since joining us for broadband. We're disappointed you've decided to leave us because of this.


If you would like to discuss anything further with us, please reach out by following this link

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Who were you using over CityFibre previously?  Was it TalkTalk or Zen? (or someone else)

If the problem is in the CityFibre network, then Vodafone will presumably be the same.

Are you going on to a PRO II service or the standard one. Presumably you have the router by now, which one is it?

Fingers crossed it goes well for you🤞, do let us know how you get on.