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Land line phone with full fibre to oroperty

2: Seeker

Hi there 

Just had full fibre installed with land line service. Vodafone say I need VOIP phone. Can anyone recommend home cordless ones as all I search on Amazon etc say not compatible.


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16: Advanced member

That doesn't sound right. Are you on Openreach or CityFibre?

If you are using the Vodafone router you just need to plug your normal home phone into the phone sockets on the back. You should have been supplied with an adapter to do this, but it seems like they forget to supply it sometimes. They can be purchased quite cheaply on-line.

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3: Seeker

Any phone should work, it doesn't need to be VOIP compatible. It just plugs into the VF router. However, you will need an adapter. Which, like mentioned above, should be provided (their paperwork says it is) but it isn't, but they can be bought quite cheaply. I was lucky in that I found the required cable bundled in the box my phone came in. 

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