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Trouble with turning on Voicemail Standard

Hi, I am a new broadband and landline customer and I cannot seem to do anything to turn on standard voicemail (1571) on my landline. I tried several calls to customer support who keep me transferring me and then telling me to wait 24hrs. Tried to tur...

mk-472 by 2: Seeker
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Scam Call

Got a call from 07352470245 stating that my internet was being cut off! I am assuming this was a scam call??

Gigafast voip

Has anybody had a problem with gigafast VoIP not dropping line at end of an incoming call and making a a high pitched whine until the call is cancelled. It is most noticeable with answering machine where the message ends and the far end puts the phon...

Tonyld by 2: Seeker
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Gigafast phone connection

Hi, I’ve recently had Gigafast fibre to the house installed and internet is working fine. However, the person who installed didn’t have the right connection to connect my home phone and I was told to buy an rj11 cable which I have done but no dial to...

Gusvoda by 2: Seeker
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Landline Fault not resolved after 1 week

Hello - I raised a fault with my landline last week, 17th June.No dialtone, inbound call gets engaged tone. Broadband continues to work..Happened after the big storms.Followed usual instructions on trying master test socket etc. without success. Agen...

Landline hasn't worked since 8th June

I switched to VF broadband 8/6 internet is fine but the landline doesn't work. No dial tone. When someone phones the number, they get 5 beeps then the line goes silent. No ringing sound at either end. I have two 90 year olds in the house that rely on...

Setup Cisco SPA112 with Gigafast VoIP

Does anyone have advice for setting up a Cisco SPA112, we have an Asus RT-AC86U router with the Gigafast service setup and working fine. We have spoken with Cisco and they have said that the configuration on the box is fine but it appears to not be c...

jwbomo by 2: Seeker
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dead landline

My landline has been working fine but is now dead (there is a remote buzz instead of a dialtone). I've done all of the checks suggested on the website - disconnecting phones, plugging directly to master socket etc - but no luck. I've tried calling su...

sheadit by 3: Seeker
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Phone line not working after router replacement

We have Gigafast and use a normal phone with it.We've just has our router replaced as we had a faulty one, however the phone no longer works. Any ideas?We've done the usual power cycles, plugging and unplugging etc.TIA


I can’t make landline calls only mobiles. Maybe a mast down somewhere ???? Any ideas