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Landline hasn't worked since 8th June

I switched to VF broadband 8/6 internet is fine but the landline doesn't work. No dial tone. When someone phones the number, they get 5 beeps then the line goes silent. No ringing sound at either end. I have two 90 year olds in the house that rely on...

Setup Cisco SPA112 with Gigafast VoIP

Does anyone have advice for setting up a Cisco SPA112, we have an Asus RT-AC86U router with the Gigafast service setup and working fine. We have spoken with Cisco and they have said that the configuration on the box is fine but it appears to not be c...

jwbomo by 2: Seeker
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dead landline

My landline has been working fine but is now dead (there is a remote buzz instead of a dialtone). I've done all of the checks suggested on the website - disconnecting phones, plugging directly to master socket etc - but no luck. I've tried calling su...

sheadit by 3: Seeker
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Phone line not working after router replacement

We have Gigafast and use a normal phone with it.We've just has our router replaced as we had a faulty one, however the phone no longer works. Any ideas?We've done the usual power cycles, plugging and unplugging etc.TIA


I can’t make landline calls only mobiles. Maybe a mast down somewhere ???? Any ideas 

Landline charges for mobile number

Hi, I have been charged £18 extra this month for calling a mobile phone from my landline. I am very confused as I have Anytime Landline and Mobile Unlimited. Can anyone explain why I've been charged extra for calling a mobile? Thanks

landline SMS messages

Hi There   I have recently moved my landline and internet from Talk Talk to Vodaphone. I have had to change my landline number. According to Voadaphone, my old number is no longer available? Any way, since the change we now get lots of SMS messages a...

Master socket

Quick question, just moved into property in January and landline goes into my bedroom.  Take the bt socket off just 2 wires going in like it's and extension socket, should this not be a master socket where you take faceplate off and have a test socke...

Help transfering number from Virgin Media

Hello All, Can someone assist me with transfering my old landline number from Virgin Media to Vodafone?  I tried calling last week and I was told that this wouldn't be an issue, and that they would sort it out. And today I am now told that my number ...

Nxttm by 2: Seeker
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Home phone anytime

Got vodafone home phone anytime costing £8 a month giving free calls to uk landline and uk mobile numbers.My neighbour has Asda  mobile and I can call him free from my home phone.He is going to France and will have his uk Asda mobile with him.Can I s...

G-M by 1: Seeker
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