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How do I check progress fixing landline fault?

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The other day a friend phoned my mobile to let me know that my landline wasn't working. He'd tried phoning and after dialling my number there was silence...however, he wasn't aware that my landline phone rang my end, and I answered the call, but I too only heard silence. He couldn't hear me and I couldn't hear him after answering.


I tried to phone my friend back after that, but I too had exactly the same problem as he did. I dialled his number and after the number completed dialling, silence...nothing....but although I couldn't hear it, his phone rang his end and he had answered it...again, neither of us could hear the other.


After phoning my own landline using my mobile, and experiencing the same issue as landline to landline, I pulled the MK4 faceplate of the master socket - the Master Socket is a NTE5c MK2 & MK4 faceplate, fitted by the telecoms engineer when I had the line installed with Vodafone a year ago. So it has a twin sockets for phone and broadband and built in filter.  I plugged the landline phone into the test socket...and tried again but exactly same problem. Dial a number, after phone has dialled silence...but phone rings at destination and if they answer, silence. Can't even dial the test number as there is nothing but silence.


Note, my broadband line still works!


Anyway, I went onto Chat for help. And although I'd done the leg work I had to go through the whole lot again as it seems my word isn't good I forged on, and absolutely ages later, arrived at the point I was at when I decided to initiate CHAT. Now I was given a reference number, FLT10048354, but I have no way of checking this against any fault fixing progress. And I've had no email correspondence regarding the fault so I'm not reassured. I need to find out whether this is or has been moved to 'level 2' or not.


And to complete this, I was asked by the chat person whether he could help me with anything else, and I (in exasperated, resigned jest) said, well if you can fix my line drop out that I've been experiencing since moving to Vodafone, that'd would be good. Although I suspect that you can't. He immediately said, he could help with that...and his solution? Don't put the face plate on the master socket and leave the filter dongle plugged in to the test socket for 72 hours. I asked him why and what for? He said that would fix it. So I said so what about replacing the faceplate? That would need fixing and he said I would have to pay myself. Even more baffled. But what is even more baffling is that my broadband HASN'T dropped once since it's been plugged into the filter that's now plugged in to the master socket test socket. After a whole year of hell. It could be coincidence, I suppose time will tell. But I also noticed the 'speed' has increased as well. Still not reaching guaranteed speeds, don't think it ever has. But everything is quicker. Even streaming works better (Netflix now opens quickly and plays instantly..and no waiting as I have had to put up with for ages).



So please assist me with the urgent issue of the faulty landline. And also, I'd like something sorted regarding the master socket as well.


Many thanks,




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16: Advanced member

After reading your post and my own experience of dealings with Vodafone support I have invented a new word - Wodafone - it's the woe of dealing with Vodafone support.

They should have passed the call directly to Openreach but maybe they don't let 1st line do that.

Personally I found the chat service dreadful so prefer to call.

You could try calling 0808 005 7320 and use the last 6 digits of your fault number as the reference.  That may get you through to 2nd line.

Good luck.

Thanks, I'll try anything now.


Hi @Privateofcourse I am sorry to hear the issues in regards to your landline, as this will need account access in order for us to look into this further, could you contact us by clicking here, and pop a link to this post in your message which will save you having to explain everything, once we receive your message we will more than happy to check on the status of this.

Hello Andy.


Well I've never used Social Media for anything, but I've just used Twitter for the very first time via the web browser. Hopefully I've done it right and the 'tweet' gets read.


Well something was sorted, although unbeknownst to me! My phone began ringing the other night, and I was going to ignore it as it has been dead when picking up but I picked up and heard the dulcet tones of a friend on the other end. So I'm guessing somebody fixed it, but it's a guess as the very helpful person that phoned me a day later (Ryan) to try and rectify the problem didn't know it had been fixed and there were no records of anyone fixing notes. So very curious! So now (fingers crossed) my phone line is working again. Although, maybe coincidental, but I noticed my broadband dropout started again right after that. So phone back, but back to broadband issues I've been suffering with since signing up.


I shall head back over to broadband forum now, and post re ongoing issues there.