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Unwanted Broadband Upgrade - SCAM?

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3: Seeker

The BT is closing their landline services and moving into VoIP services, so the Vodafone informed me about the changes by an email. The message explained the "service" activation, the VoIP dongle and about the date when it goes live. What they DID NOT TELL was tin fact a new broadband contract for another 2 years and that is called: "Migration Only - Superfast 2 M" - no any changes in the speed, no changes in the price. I did not know what that all means, so decided to check on my account, but I just found I am unable to login. I provided the username and password, then phone number for the 2nd step verification code, but the code never arrived. When phoned the 191, they told me, my new broadband service is getting activated so I might not have an access to my account. I can't stop the activation of the new service, because it is in progress. I feel like being SCAMMED.



Hi @tuwimek. Thanks for explaining, I can understand why you may be concerned about this. I'd advise contacting our dedicated home broadband team directly so that they can clear up any confusion for you. You can reach out to them on 0333 304 0191. 

Also, if the log in issues persist after the VoIP upgrade is processed, we can certainly help you get logged in again. Please reach out to us on social media here for online account help 😊

Hi @Ami , thanks for getting back to me.

Just to clarify, I don't feel confused, I feel scammed. Seriously.

The Vodafone, under the action called "Digital Voice", which is a move from BT to stop providing the power for the landline phones, so the change from analog line to a digital triggered an "automatic" extension of my contract for another 2 years. The Vodafone called it for my case: "Migration Only - Superfast 2 M", which is a nice name for... absolutely nothing, as the service stays exactly the same, but - the extra 2 years? - simply a scam.

The Vodafone told me, I don't have an access to my account, because of the ongoing upgrade - so I cant even check what is being done behind by back. The "upgrade" has been done, I asked the team to reverse it, they said they can't, however I requested a manual change of my contract end date to what it was originally. Let's wait and see if that is going to work. If not? OFCOM is the right direction.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If you have been entered into a new contract without your agreement, yes that is not right.

I'm still on the PSTN, so interested in what the outcome of your complaint to Vodafone is, so do keep us updated.

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3: Seeker

Here is what I managed to do:

As the new contract was activated, they could not cancel it and bring my previous contract, as "THE SYSTEM" does not allow that. So typical, to blame the system. In the near future we will see, blaming AI etc, bla bla.

However when they do is to change the end date to my new contract, so I am not tied to Vodafone - THANKS GOD!

They changed the setting in all routers in the UK, so you cant select the WIFI channel anymore, and it is done automatically, which means it goes on the same channel (or the one next to it) as another Vodafone routers next door and that is causing interferences for you and your neighbours. You want to ask, why? Simple answer - more interferences on WIFI,  less broadband data is being transferred, so the Vodafone is better off, and you have problems.

The problems with accessing my account were solved by a total removal of my account from the system. It took 48 hrs for THE SYSTEM (again) to finish all procedures. I re-registered again from scratch and all seem to be working again, including the access to previous bills and data. I have a new username which I cant change, new password and a have to wait the the 5 digit/number passcode everytime I want to access my account - I have a feeling THEY DONT WANT ME TO LOGIN AND CHECK MY SPENDS, because they make it so difficult everytime. Try to phone them? That autobot is so dumb, "Sorry I did not get that" - I just cant take it anymore.

A compensation has been promised to me for the all inconveniences but I cant find anything yet. It looks like I will have to call them a few times more.


Hi Tuwimek,

I've just had a look at my bank account statement and was surprised by the last charge from Vodafone (I'm on a Migration Only, Superfast 2 M contract). Then I had a look at my account at Vodafone to find out there was NOTHING to find out. No technical detail, no rates, no billing. I searched the email box for any email informing me that my contract was about to expire. There was nothing but a bunch of emails: "Still happy...?". What's that?

Have you got a clue what your contract with Vodafone looks like? How have you contacted them? I'd be grateful for any feedback from you.


Hi @WoGm Your contract would've be sent you when you first joined us and you can also view it in your My Vodafone account. Bills are also readily available to download, where you'll find a breakdown of your charges. If you're unable to see this, or need help, we'd be happy to confirm any details or resolve any issues that are present - please pop our team a message over on our social channels

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What you're saying is a partial truth, I'm afraid. Billings are available now but weren't once I logged in the last time. The biggest disappointment was the lack of any information about my previous contract termination. Now I've got a deal and consider the case closed. Thank you.